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First Trimester Must Haves

Hi friends! Since I've been pregnant 3 times in 3 years, I think I have earned some points and a lot expertise in the field, HA! Many of you are so sweet to ask advice on your new pregnancies, so I thought I would put everything in one spot here 🙂 This list will be… Continue reading First Trimester Must Haves

Mom Life

Toddlers Sharing a Room: Pros & Cons

Most of you know, we are in a temporary house right now waiting for our new house remodel to be finished. This particular house is a 3 bedroom, our previous house was a 5 bedroom, so we downsized A LOT! My husband and I decided the kids would share a bedroom because we really needed… Continue reading Toddlers Sharing a Room: Pros & Cons

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Boy Gender Disappointment |Let’s get real!

Hello! Let's just dive into a subject that is pretty controversial and that many women are ashamed to say out loud! I get this question all the time, and with all my pregnancies, so I thought it would be fun to chat about it for a minute. *This may not pertain to you at ALL,… Continue reading Boy Gender Disappointment |Let’s get real!