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Bottle Weaning | Forget the Rules!

Hey loves!

I thought I would do a quick chat about the END of bottle feeding. Not an end to it, but when I like to stop it. Nora is 14 months now, and does she still have a bottle? YES. Here’s why.

The widely popular vote on when to take away bottles, also told to us by doctors, is at 1 year. This is because longer bottle use may lead to cavities or cause your child to drink more milk than he or she needs. The longer you prolong you kids on the bottles, the harder it will be to break the habit.

This is my take on it, and how I do the bottle thanggg.

First, I never used the bottle as a sleeping aid with either of my kids. Meaning they were never put to bed with bottles, they never had them in their cribs, and I didn’t use them to soothe them either. My routine was the “Babywise” method…Sleep, Eat upon Waking, Play, and repeat.  Worked for me like a charm, however YES I know every child is different! I have just built these children on routines 🙂

*Note: Nora was breastfed exclusively until 8 months, then half breast / half formula til 11 months, then only bottles at 11 months til now. Hence why I haven’t fully taken them away yet!

With all that being said, Nora LOVES her “ba-ba” when she first wakes up, due to the routine I gave her over the past year. She does not EVER need it to go to bed. Why? Because I always give her the bottle with her dinner! I did this when she was a baby as well. She got her last feeding a little before bedtime and not as she was falling asleep for the night. This way, she never depended on it.

I HIGHLY recommend a snuggly blanky or pacifier instead for bedtime. Nora and Liam both have a minky blanket for bedtime only. This way, once that blankie hits their face, it sets off a signal in their head “bedtime!”  Rather than a bottle doing that.

SO! The question remains…Nora is 14 months. When am I taking her bottle away? I already took the dinner bottle away and replaced it with a sippy cup (which she also has water in throughout the day) Over the next few weeks, that morning bottle will slowly transition out as well.

I took the bottle away from Liam at 12 months and he really had absolutely no problem with it. He never had an attachment to it. He was breast fed until 3 months, then formula from then on. He had his time with that bottle! Nora didn’t have it for very long due to me breast feeding her for almost a year (she loveddddd the boob). This is why mentally I haven’t been in a rush to take it away just yet!

My answer to this is….do what you feel is right! Don’t rush anything and do things just because it’s “what you are supposed to do.” These are your babies! They are only babies once. I’m eating up every minute of it, and definitely not rushing anything!

Thoughts anyone???




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