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Top 12 Must Have Baby Items

Here it goes! The long awaited list of my must have baby items within the 1st year. Having two kiddos under 2 years really helped me to make this list perfect!

Video posted at the end.

Feel free to comment with questions!

1.  Halo Bassinet

This is my all time favorite bassinet. It sits right next to your bed so you can sleep close to your little bundle of cuteness. I love61cT1W8w5lL._SL1000_ that you can pull it close to your bed, and then swivel it out the the way so you can comfortably get out of bed. I love the whole idea of sleeping next to your baby, but in the safety of your own space. All I have to do is open my eyes and see the baby without even moving! It’s also perfect for c-section moms (like me) so you can stay in bed and recover!

Get it here!

2.  Swaddle Me Organic Swaddles


These are the best, especially at night when those little wigglers break out of their swaddle you carefully wrapped them in (then took a photo hehe ) These velcro shut so they are nice and tight the whole night, AND sleep longer because of that!

Get them here!

3. Dock a Tot:


This is a MUST HAVE ITEM! I will forever swear by this little piece of heaven. Nora slept all night since day 1 with this beauty! And even better, it fits perfect in the Halo Bassinet! When you are ready to transfer your baby to the crib, it’s such an easy transition. You just put the dock a tot in the crib, and they sleep comfortably exactly as they would in your room 🙂

Get it here!

4. Loved Baby Jammies:


These are by far my favorites onesie/jammies! They are not only organic, but they are SO SOFT! I haven’t found anything that compares.

Get them here! 

5. Beaba Baby Cook


I am so in love with this magic machine! I throughly enjoy making homemade babyfood for my children. I did it for both Liam and Nora. I personally love this machine because it limits the mess, and does everything all in one. It cooks and blends. I even cook meat in the machine! I like the Baby Cook Pro because you can simultaneously steam both bowls at the same time. Watch for a youtube video on this coming soon!

Get it here!


6. Infantino Squeeze Station

c5f9db64-aaf2-480e-a9ec-77f10f82ef08_1.bb8078c8b1aa46b2e4420ef44be0a5b2.jpegPiggy backing off the baby cook: I love the Infantino Squeeze Station. You can put your fresh baby food into packets for easy on the go meals. I will keep some in the fridge, and freeze the rest!

Get it here!

7. Bumbo Seat: 

71SkxnxCzBL._SX522_.jpgThis seat is so convenient for baby’s first solid feeding and beyond! It acts as a floor, booster and feeding seat. It’s super comfy and cute. I have used it for both of my kids!

Get it here!


8. Honest Diaper BundleScreen Shot 2017-10-16 at 9.35.42 AM.png

This has been a lifesaver for me. First, I LOVE the diapers and prints, and the wipes are natural plant-based ingredients.  I love not having to worry about running out of diapers or running to the store for them! This was especially convenient when #2 came, and I didn’t have the energy to get to the store! You get 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes for under $100, plus any additional product is at a discount. SCORE!

Get it here! 

9. Medela Breast Pump:

81eryoA2dPL._SX522_.jpgThis is the one I personally use and I love it. I have tried other brands and this one seems to be the best and most comfortable! I have pumped probably in every place imaginable, especially the car (get the car plug) I also got the bra that holds the cups in place, thats a lifesaver.

Get it here!

10. Como Tomo Bottles

41gX2zZWIaL.jpgI love these bottles so much! They have a soft feel, similar to the breast, they are easy to hold, and MOST of all, they have a wide mouth which is so much easier to clean. They have dual anti colic vents to prevent unwanted air-intake and reduce colic. 

Get them here!

11. 4Moms Infant tub

61DaLT7SDDL._SX522_.jpgI love this tub! It fits perfect in your kitchen sink, and is so comfy for baby. It has a clean water reservoir and the side drains allow dirty water to flow out! Oh and the best part, it tells you the temperature!

Get it here!

12. Joovy Spoon Walker:

51qAWJML30L._SX522_.jpgThis walker is so cute and simple. It glides very smooth. It has a removable tray so you are able to clean it after eating. If you want to add any toys, you can get the ones that suction on! I love it!

Get it here!


Watch full video here!


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