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Mommy Guilt!

Hello friends!

I am not sure what is going on with me, but the past few weeks I have been feeling extremely sad, anxious, and guilty about baby #2 arriving in the next couple weeks. I feel bad for my Liam (18 months). I feel like I am letting him down. I feel like I’m stealing away his babyhood (is that a word?)  Not only that, but I wonder HOW IN THE HELL I am going to love another child as much as I love Liam. It doesn’t even seem possible! Will this change the WAY I love him? Or our special bond?

Yes, yes I KNOW this is normal and a sibling for Liam is a precious gift, but I cannot help but feel this way! I know all the words of encouragement you could give me, I know this! BUT, this is real life. This is the stuff I wish I was warned about. Everyone tells me now that it only lasts for a few weeks, and once she arrives all feelings change, and I cannot wait for that!

Until then, I am literally soaking up every minute I have with my sweet boy while he is still my only, and first child. He gets a little more attention, a little extra squeeze, and a LOT more kisses. OH, and lots and lots of photos. Even though I am sure that will continue after baby arrives. I literally just stare at him and cannot believe he is mine!

I know in my heart we will ALWAYS have our special Mommy/Liam bond, and ditto with his Daddy and him.  I AM excited to add this second child to the mix of our crazy lives, and I’m so curious about how the dynamic of our little family will change.

I love hearing your stories and experiences about this topic, feel free to send any words of wisdom my way!



3 thoughts on “Mommy Guilt!

  1. Hi Angela,
    I can totally relate to Mommy Guilt! I had baby #2 when my daughter was only 17months! We continued to give her all of our attention and little by little she got used to brother. It was not easy but we got through it. And soon when both of your kids are laughing and playing together all your mommy guilt will go away! Good luck and many blessings to you and your beautiful family.



  2. The sense of “guilt” is just a normal part of parenting, and in my opinion, represents good parenting. As a parent, you’re always wanting the very best for each child and I believe that if you’re thinking about whether or not you’re providing enough love, nurturing, time, etc…then that’s a sign that you already are providing all of the above. Just know that there’s plenty of love to go around and neither child will be slighted. I am sure that until Liam was born, you truly never knew that you could love someone so much but you quickly learned that it was/is possible. It’s the same for #2, #3 and so on…should your family grow even more. The human heart, mind and soul are incredible and have an endless capacity for growth and evolution, and are tools that allow us to connect with each other in unique ways. The newest addition to your family will only make the existing bonds that much stronger, while adding a new and enriching character to the mix. Congratulations to your family and best wishes moving forward.


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