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We’re doing just fine!

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Hello! Well what do you know. SEVEN whole weeks later, Nora is getting so big! I am shocked she’s 7 weeks old already. This week has been an overload of smiling and cooing, despite her tongue tie surgery which I will get to in a minute. She’s pretty much sleeping through the night (10pm-5am most nights) and eating like a champ during the day. She is starting to look like a baby now, newborn stage is fading. I’m trying to soak up every last ounce of it. I hate when that newness feeling starts to fade. Living in the moment is something I am trying to work on, instead of stressing to document every tiny thing.

Liam has slowly been accepting her existence here. He runs to her when she cries to give her a binky. He laughs and smiles when he sees her. His way of saying sissy right now is “kiki”. He’s starting to throw little tantrums, but I’m not sure if thats the adjustment to her, or the terrible 2’s starting. (YAY) Overall, I am surprised how well everyone is adjusting and we’re doing just fine! I think if Liam was a tad older, it would be more of a jealousy thing, but his daily routine is exactly the same and I think he’s totally fine with our new princess. They took their first bath together tonight and I about died from the cuteness. I still don’t think they look anything alike. I’m pretty sure Liam is Daddy’s mini, and Nora is mine. They are just both the best ever, and I can’t believe they are both mine!

Nora sadly had to have a tongue tie procedure done this week. She had a “thick” tie which wasn’t allowing her tongue to move up and down correctly making it difficult for her to latch properly. She got super gassy from taking in too much air while eating. She also made that “clicking” sound half the time when she nursed. Tongue ties can also effect speech as they get older so this procedure was highly recommended and we bit the bullet.

Monday was the surgery. We arrived at 10am and it took about 5 minutes. The absolute worse part was watching them take her out of the room, hearing her scream next door, and feeling like that was eternity. Dr. Agarwal (Agave Ped) brought her back in to me and she was able to nurse right away. It took her a minute to figure out her new latch, but she did great. Day 1 at home was rough, she was definitely in pain and I felt HORRIBLE for her. Tylenol every 4 hours helped a lot, and Arnica mixed in breast milk. Day 2 was night and day difference! She did amazing. Kept up with Tylenol every 5 hours. Day 3, meds as needed and she has still been doing great. I haven’t noticed a huge difference. She still clicks, but I hear it takes a while for them to re-learn to latch and nurse again. Oh, and we have to do these exercises with her for 6 weeks, 6 times a day to make sure it doesn’t reattach. This involves me sticking my finger under her tongue and massaging where they clipped it. AHH, scary. Overall I am happy we did it and look forward to a happier girl! And she hasn’t been gassy at all since the procedure!

Now were heading into Christmas weekend and I am so excited to spend it as a family of 4!

Happy Holidays to ALL! Catch up next week 🙂

XOXO Angela




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