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No Pain, No Gain – 2nd trimester


Hi friends!

Wow has this pregnancy flown by QUICK, but it hasn’t been the easiest!

I am SO SO blessed to have gotten pregnant exactly when we wanted to this time around. We wanted all of our kids close in age, and it just so worked out that they are all 19 months apart exactly! However, there certainly has been a price to that.

I will say, I don’t necessarily think I have the body type to be bearing babies like crazy. I may make it seem easy, but it has been a rough journey with all of my pregnancies!

With Liam (#1) I was horribly sick with hyperemesis gravidarum. It subsided mid second trimester, but it was REALLY hard on me. I lost over 15 lbs in my first trimester! His delivery ended in a c-section, which wasn’t horrible, but still added to the craziness of my first pregnancy.

With Nora (#2) I wasn’t too sick in the first trimester, but the last trimester I had a few pre-term labor scares and was put on bed rest. I really overdid my schedule during her pregnancy, hence why this year I have been trying to simplify my life, and not do too many things. I had intense contractions starting at 20 weeks and had to ride those out til delivery day!

Now with #3, I was horribly sick the whole first trimester (thank goodness for Diclegis!) Then until 21 weeks I suffered from massive migraines that were debilitating. From that point on, I now have major pelvic floor issues. Since 16 weeks, I have had contractions, pelvic pain (terrible), pressure, and overall just pain. Just walking through the grocery store is a task at this point! The pain is literally 10/10.

Having the babies close together (I got pregnant at 10 months PP with both of the kids) definitely is doing a number on my body. For the next one, YES THERE WILL BE MORE 🙂 we will have to wait much longer in-between for my body to heal itself. Yes, I am fit, yes I take care of myself, but 10 months just wasn’t long enough for me to thicken and strengthen my pelvic floor. I naturally carry my babies very low, so the gravity of it all just creates a LOAD of pain, and makes me a very waddley mama! My pelvic muscle are literally stretching down past the point of comfort, I can feel every single move of the baby! At night, just turning over from left side to right side, is HORRIBLY painful.

So lets talk now on the positive side of all this. Why is this so worth it to me to put my body through this? DUH! Being able to create a child with my body is such a blessing, I could never complain too much about it, hence why this is the first time I have throughly opened up about it!  It blows my mind what our bodies are capable of. Each pregnancy, I learn more about my body, which I love. I love that I get to carry this little boy with me wherever I go, even though it may hurt me. The bond we already have is unreal. Whenever I see my bump in the mirror I think, “WOW there’s seriously a little person in there” After 10 months of carrying this baby, I love the feeling of accomplishment once you get to meet that little bundle of love!

My family is my WORLD. Seeing those sweet little faces everyday makes everything worth it, and the anticipation of meeting our sweet new baby boy is priceless. I can’t even fathom my joy when Liam and Nora get to meet their new little brother. MY HEART EXPLODES! All of these little things eases my pain just enough everyday.

So I’ll just be over here resting, (let’s be honest, I’ll be working and wearing a support band). BUT, I’ll try my hardest 🙂

Things that help my pain: BATHS BATH BATHS whatever chance I get, lots of water intake, pregnancy support bands/belts, ice and heat alternating. I do lots of foam rolling/yoga exercises, and I also see a chiropractor once a week.

Please comment below if you can relate ❤



3 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain – 2nd trimester

  1. I have three kiddos and diclegis was around for my last pregnancy…and I was (and still am) so incredibly grateful! Happy to hear it’s working for you too!! Good luck throughout your last trimester and can’t wait to see that cute little boy of yours!


  2. The whole description of what you’re feeling with number 3 is exactly what I’ve been going through and I’m at 19 weeks now !!! I feel Your pain . Thank you for posting this ! I’ve been googling non stop wondering if this is normal ! Endless happy vibes to you guys .


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