Our Transition from 2 to 3 kids


Hi friends!
First I’ll say…. My intention is to post on here WAY more than I am, but I also feel like my instagram is a daily blog. So I guess this blog is for the bigger topics that I want to say more about!
SO. WOW. Where to start. A question I am often asked is how the transition was from 2 to 3 kids. And more specific, how it is with my oldest being 3 yrs old.

Well, honestly it was HELL. Haha. No but really, it was so hard. I feel like I had a ton of odds against me that not everyone would have to deal with which were:

-DEAD of summer in Arizona. June 14th was my delivery date.  I couldn’t swim with my kids or anything for 8 weeks, then it was prolonged to 12 weeks (see below).
-Rowen was colicky for 2 months.
-I had retained membranes. Meaning placenta was left in my uterus causing an immense amount of issues at around 4 weeks. Fevers, pain, heavy bleeding, I was so so sick. Resulting in another surgery. More medications. Some hindering my milk. SUCH A MESS!
-We moved to a new house and city a couple weeks prior to Rowen’s birth. Moving + summer in AZ + 9 months preggo is not a great combination. I’ll leave it at that.
-My kids started at a new Montessori school (bc we moved). We were at daycare prior, so this was a big transition for them, and Liam definitely had a hard time at first.

-Liam (3) Nora (1.5) both were having a hard time from all thee changes. Liam was acting out MAJORLY and also had a potty training regression because of it.

So when I say it was a tough time for us, IT WAS! It could have been better, but those were the cards we were dealt. The ages of Liam and Nora when Row was born was rough, and still is sometimes but it is getting better!

I think it took a full 3 months for us to get our groove. Now we are rockin and rolling and were doing awesome!
3 kids in 3 years has its bad days. A few times a week my hubby gets the call from me “Are you almost home?!” Because I am dying. Those days I feel like more of a monster than a mommy. The days when all 3 cry at the same time….the first time that happens is wild. I was really wondering WTF I was doing at the point lol! However you get through it!

But there are some SWEET SWEET moments that make it all worth it.

-ASK FOR HELP! And don’t feel bad. Call a babysitter so you can just NAP!
-I found myself taking deep breaths often, and it helped a lot!
-It’s okay to have a meltdown. Even if it is everyday in the beginning.
-LAUGH! When things get crazy, just laugh for a minute then get things back in order.
-Try to stay as organized as possible.
-Hire someone to do laundry. THIS HAS HELPED ME STAY SANE!!
-Placenta Encapsulation
-Take lots of photos, even of the chaos.
-Try to be as patient as you possibly can
-Don’t miss the sweet moments with the older two.
-It’s okay to let the baby cry for 5-10 mins, to spend some time with the other kids, because I promise you they need that individual attention.

-Realize what you need to get done that dat, probably won’t get done, and it’s okay!



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